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You might have seen Instagram posts or profiles with striking IG fonts and wondering how it is possible or how to change Instagram fonts?

Good News, Cool IG Fonts allows you to get fonts for IG done quickly and easily. Our site allows you to generate fun IG bio fonts and fonts for IG that you can post into your account.

Why IG Fonts?

Today, Instagram isn’t just for fun and personal use. It is now a global digital platform which allows brands to showcase product, recruit new talent, humanize content, and of course, inspire their audience.

It is now more than selfie, sunsets, and staged shots of food; today, more than a billion people using Instagram.

If you want to stand out at the platform, it is useful to generate striking Insta fonts to encourage users to take action. Your Instagram bio is the only place that allows you to feature a URL of your business and drive traffic to your site.

So let these beautiful IG bio fonts take your account by storm, and highlight you with a bit of individuality.

Why Cool IG Fonts?

Cool IG fonts is a very simple Instagram fonts generator that allows you to get beautiful fonts for Instagram.

All you need to put or type your text in the text in the box and striking fonts for IG will generate at the bottom of the box, along with all sorts of cool emojis and symbols.

You can paste these amazing Insta fonts in your Instagram bio, posts, or anywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc.

These special symbols and Instagram fonts are trendy on Instagram and can boom your IG account.

Although there are so many apps that are doing the same things, why to download these creepy apps with flooded ads when you have the simplest online platform that allows you to generate fonts for IG instantly and copy-paste in your IG straight away?

How to change IG fonts?

Changing IG bio font or posting beautiful posts on your Instagram account with amazing fonts for IG, is now very easy and simple. You can generate unlimited Instagram fonts with a single click.

  • Go to the Cool IG Fonts
  • Type or paste your text in the text box
  • Out platform will generate lots of striking Insta Fonts at the bottom of the text box
  • Scroll down, select and copy one of the best fonts for IG that you like the most
  • Now go to Instagram account and log in to account
  • Toggle over to your profile and click “edit profile.”
  • Go to your bio section and here you paste the Instagram fonts that you already copied from Cool IG Fonts
  • Now click the “submit” button to update your bio with beautiful IG bio font.

It is always best to double-check the Instagram fonts that you pasted is accurately translated and displaying correctly on your IG bio.

How does it work?

Our generator produces a large range of Unicode symbols, the fonts that you’re seeing isn’t real Insta fonts but instead IG compatible Unicode glyphs.

That’s the reason you can copy and paste in your Instagram bio and comments; otherwise, it would not be possible to copy these fonts if they were real.


It gives you a different and unique number for each character doesn’t matter what device, platform, language, or application.

Advanced software providers have adopted it and now allow data to be transported through other different tools, platforms, appliances without any issue.

In the start, Unicode had a hard time as it was not compatible with most platforms, and the organization didn’t want to change the whole system to comply with Unicode specification,

But then Unicode introduced a collection of different symbols to support these platforms.

Today, Unicode is compatible with almost all browsers, operating systems, search engines, and Internet (HTML, XML, JSON, CSS, etc.).

The number of these symbols increased with time, and today we have hundreds of thousands. The Emojis that we are seeing are also text symbols, and these Emojis are coming out of a Unicode.

Although Unicode is now compatible with all devices if any of the copied unique characters don’t work in your IG bio, then it might not be supporting the relevant Unicode characters.

But don’t worry, almost all devices support the Unicode, and you can paste the generated Insta fonts on your Instagram.


How to get beautiful fonts for Instagram?
You can get striking Instagram fonts at Cool IG Fonts generator by adding text in the text box.
What is the standard font of Instagram?
The standard fonts that are using on Instagram are Neue Helvetica and Freight Sans for iOS and Freight and Robot for android.
How to change Instagram fonts?
You can change the Insta fonts easily by Cool IG Fonts generator, type text, copy the desired font, and past into your bio or comment.
How to get different beautiful fonts for Instagram?
Go to the best IG font generator, add text, it will generate lots of beautiful fonts choose any font that you like most and past into your Instagram.


Instagram is a delightful and user-friendly platform, but still, it doesn’t give much variety when it comes to outstanding customizing fonts.
Although there are five font options in Instagram stories but bios or comments, it doesn’t have any variation of fonts.
That’s the reason you must use our fastest online platform that helps you to generate beautiful fonts for Instagram.
Cool IG Fonts is a web-based generator that allows you to generate font for IG bio, comment, captions etc.
Cool IG Fonts has a wide range of fantastic fonts that you can choose the one you like the most.
You can now make your Instagram posts more engaging and drive traffic to your site by using these awesome Insta fonts.
All you need to write a text or paste in the text box and it will automatically convert in cool and fun fonts. You can then copy any of your favorite fonts and paste in your Instagram bio, posts, or comment.